Monday, March 31, 2008

They're Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!

Woot!! Destiny is done and ready for sale. 3 tones, Cairo, Nairobi and Shambi. 8 makeups that I wanted to keep clean and elegant but still smexy. Destiny is based on my Timeless templates but with shadings and body bits in keeping with the darker skintones, for what I hope is a very natural skin. There will be more makeups down the track as I had so much fun doing these! Makeup shots and tones below,click on them for full size shots. Available only at the mainstore.
Love Ash xx

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Smexy!

Coming very soon!!! "Destiny" I've been promising for months to do darker skintones and I'm very nearly done. Just doing the last of the makeups. So for now, here's a sneak peak love Ash xxx

Saturday, March 15, 2008


You know the drill!! Find the boxes, get the stuffs, and try not to crash hehehe!!
Love Ash xxx

Saturday, March 8, 2008

And now........

And now for an image that won't offend the folks at Flickr.....sheesh anyone would think I was a pixelated porn merchant 0.o

Ash Can't Script!

Ok so there were serious teething probs with the subscribe thingy!! I forgot we had turned scripts off on our land due to the griefers, and the kiosk wasnt set to the group. Sooooooo as soon as I logged off it stopped working!! Also there was serious lag with the gift. It didn't show up in the history for over 2 hours gggggrrrrrrr. With that in mind, I won't remove the gift till Monday afternoon to give people a chance to get it! Below are pics of the gifts,2 of the 16 new eyes I have ready for sale and the third skin in my Girlfight series. This one includes blood, bullet wounds, stitches, staples, gashes and more!! Love Ash xxx

Subscribe O Thingy

I have put a subscribe kiosk at the main store as the group has reached over 200 members!! Enclosed will be a gift available FOR THIS WEEKEND ONLY.On monday morn the gift will be removed and put up for sale at the main store at the regular price. For the moment I will leave the LL group open but eventually I would like to completely switch to the subscribe thingy.Love Ash xxx

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cracked Doll!

She's falling apart at the seams, but is still stupidly gorgeous.......just like moi 0.o!!! Kidding, but Timeless Cracked Doll is out today. She is broken and cracked but lovely, aaaaaaaand included this time is matching eyes, seeing as I was on a roll, after reinstalling PS for the millionth time early this morn!! Anyhoo pics below and avail inworld now!!
Love Ash xxx

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Awww look at the emo tears cos I can't spend Lindens, as I gaze upon the deserted path......kk you get the point!!! At least my shoes look fabulous! Heeheee!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Skin Fair!!

The Vanity Skin Fair opens today!!!! Timeless Couture will be unleashed on SL..........hope you love em!!! I can't help but be terribly excited and happy to be there! Note to self......I will not fawn over my fave designers and I will not fall at their feet professing undying love and stuffs!!! I met Annyka from Blowpop yest at the rehearsal and didn't propose so I think I'm doing pretty good so far! Anyhoo, if you go to the fair during the first week or so, detatch EVERYTHING!!! It's gonna be a lagfest!

Love Ash xxx