Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Amazing Miss Suspiria

Once in a Second Lifetime, someone comes along who is so talented, whose work is so amazing it leaves you speachless. I had the privalege to meet such a person a few days ago. Now as you know, this isn't a review blog, however, the fact that Suspiria's work is languishing in her inventory is a crime! So I'm using all my powers of persuasion to get her stuff out into SL, hence this entry in my blog!

Suspiria builds, textures and amazes! I was lucky enough to be shown her work and am the proud owner of some of it. But as I said, most of it is not for sale.....grr! Boots are Suspiria's passion. Not just any old boots mind you. The most incredible boots you will ever wear, when and if she sells them! They work with most of the poses you can find in SL. What does that mean? It means that if your'e wearing an AO you boots won't go all funky looking!!!! And the textures.........omg!

Above are some pics of boots she was kind enough to give me. As you can see the detail is incredible.........my pics just don't do them justice! Also is a pic of a horse Suspiria made from scratch, 2,600 prims I think she said! It was made for her LOTR role play, she also has a prim outfit she made to go with it, which I must get a shot of!!! Takes her forever to get into it though lol!

This is where you can find her Christmas stuff, please take a look!!

Love Ash

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